One Club, One Team

Team Member Perks

Be Part of the Team and Enjoy a Membership that Fits Your Lifestyle

  • Unlimited Clubhouse Access For 2 Members

  • Clubhouse Access For Additional Individuals At Incremental Fee

  • Access To Limited Car Storage

  • RAFA Racing Jacket

  • Exclusive Access To Events

  • Sessions on Professional Simulators

  • Travel with the Team

  • RAFA Racing T-shirt

  • 28,000 square foot premier car club in Houston

  • A family of car enthusiasts

  • Professional Simulation Room, club amenities, and more

  • In-house high-performance car care

  • Local and traveling club events

  • Bring car enthusiasts of all levels together

  • You don’t need a car to join

  • Play, unwind, and collaborate

  • Trust your car is in experienced hands

  • Connect with other car enthusiasts and build a network

Extra Equipment


Whether you’re in the club, track, or paddock, there’s not a stranger in sight at RAFA Racing.


Work hard and play hard with training and track support when you need it.


Keep up with member-only events and follow us on social media.

Other Amenities
Enjoy The Thrill, No Keys Needed.

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