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Founder & Principal

Rafael “Rafa” Martinez

Originally born in El Salvador, Rafael Martinez has called Houston home since 1997. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master of Science in Finance from the University of Houston to start his career as an entrepreneur, trader, and investor.

Rafa has successfully established himself in the natural gas industry, where he is a partner at a global commodity trading firm. His professional experience includes owning and investing in various companies and innovative startups.

Before Rafa ventured into the world of racing, he had always been a huge fan and avid supercar collector. As a true enthusiast, he enjoys the thrill of driving the beasts in his own auto fleet – which includes a Ferrari SF90, McLaren P1 and Senna, Ford GT, and others.

In April of 2021, Rafa took his McLaren 600LT to the track and is making plans to race in Porsche Club of America (PCA) and GT4 competitions in the near future.

When it’s time to step on the brakes, Rafa enjoys sharing his life and love of racing with his wife and two children.


Ray Ramirez

Born and raised in El Paso Texas. Graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Civil Engineering. Married and currently retired after spending 38 years with a major corporation. Involved in racing and coaching at numerous race tracks for over 15 years. Current home track is the Circuit of The Americas (COTA).

Holds current racing licenses with FIA, SCCA and Porsche Club of America Club Racing (PCA). Veteran racer with over 100 races, several first place and podium finishes in his race class.

He currently drives the #10 McLaren 570s GT4 for RAFA racing. In his first 8 races of 2023 he has four wins, two 2nd places and one 3rd place in his class. He acknowledges that his success is due to the car, support and training the RAFA Racing Club provides.

Currently has set lap records for fastest lap at COTA in stock MP4-12c (2:18.86 seconds) and 570s (2:23.95 seconds).

Joined RAFA Racing in the summer of 2020. Hobbies include spending time with grandchildren, snow skiing, golf, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. His involvement in RAFA racing drives him to develop current and future race car drivers. Making them Bolder, Faster, Refined.

RAFA Racing Pro-Driver and Brand Ambassador

Jem Hepworth

Jem Hepworth is a British racing driver whose exceptional talent and unwavering determination have positioned her as a rising star in motorsports. Hailing from Devon, England, Jem’s passion for speed ignited at seven when she first started racing quad bikes.

With an impressive seven-year stint in karting, Jem honed her skills and gained invaluable race craft experience. Her dedication and hard work paid off, leading her to achieve success early in her career. She became the rookie champion in her first year of go-karting and secured the prestigious Wessex Championship title in 2018.

Jem’s journey was pivotal when she became an ambassador for Motorsport Woman, an organisation dedicated to supporting and empowering women in motorsports. Together, they have worked tirelessly to build a community for women in the sport and inspire the next generation of racers. Guided by their unwavering belief in her potential, Jem embarked on her first car championship and accomplished a remarkable feat by winning the championship in her rookie year at 19, becoming the youngest woman to achieve such a milestone.

Jem has consistently showcased her speed and precision on the track throughout her career. She was the fastest female driver in high-profile shootouts, including the W-series Arizona F4 test and the Heart of Racing GT4 test in 2022. Jem’s racing career has seen her drive many vehicles, from Formula 3 and Formula 4 cars to GT4s, GT3s, and prototypes.

Signing with RAFA Racing has further propelled Jem’s career to new heights. Racing alongside Rafa, their collaboration has proven to be a winning combination. They achieved podium success, showcasing exceptional teamwork and skill at the inaugural round of the McLaren Trophy at Paul Ricard in France, securing two impressive second-place finishes.

As Jem’s journey unfolds, her sights are set on the iconic Spa circuit in Belgium. She aims to solidify her position as a rising star in the racing world and continues to serve as an ambassador for RAFA Racing Club, inspiring fellow racers and fans alike with her passion and determination.

RAFA Racing Amateur Driver and Brand Ambassador

Paige Victoria Morales

Paige Victoria Morales is a talented and determined aspiring competitive racing driver of Hispanic descent. With a fiery passion for motorsports and an unwavering work ethic, she has paved her way into the seat of the esteemed RAFA Racing Team. Born and raised in Texas, Paige’s thirst for speed ignited at the tender age of three when she would joyfully ride horses alongside her father. However, her close friend, who owned a Porsche GT3, genuinely sparked her fascination with driving, revealing the exhilaration of pushing a car to its limits.

Weekends spent with her friend, attending local car shows in Houston, introduced Paige to the world of racing, and it was during one of these events she had the fortuitous encounter with Rafa. Impressed by her passion and knowledge of cars, Rafa invited Paige and her father to join him at MSR Houston for a track day. From that moment on, she embraced the thrill of the track and has never missed an opportunity to test her skills and improve her racing prowess.

In just a remarkable span of 8 months, Paige’s driving abilities have grown exponentially. Supported by her dedicated father and the entire team at Rafa, she has been able to chase her dreams and conquer her goals in the racing world. Paige’s ultimate aspiration is to achieve extraordinary success in her racing career, hoping to inspire and empower other women who share her passion and dreams.

Paige Victoria Morales exemplifies the essence of a Latina driver breaking barriers, determined to make her mark on the competitive racing scene. With her unwavering determination, relentless drive, and unyielding passion, she is poised to leave an indelible imprint on motorsports.

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