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Many avid motorsport enthusiasts know how difficult it is to truly feel part of a community that shares your same energy for the sport. If you’re like many, your childhood memories revolve around family when you think of the racing scene. Everyone has their favorite car and can share stories about growing up as a racing fan.

Then, there’s the knowledge you gain from learning about the fastest, most high-performing vehicles, listening to experienced drivers, and enjoying the rush of a good race. There’s nothing quite like the supercharged environment of a crowd that’s hyperfocused on the track. Even new fans of life in the fast lane enjoy the thrill when watching, learning, and sharing a bond over racing.

Ultimately, the essence of these feelings amount to one bold culture: Race As Family Always. We believe victory laps are best enjoyed with the crew.

RAFA Racing is an exclusive club founded by and made for high-performance auto drivers, supporters, and fans of all types.

Your Houston-Based Car Enthusiast Hub



Create a space for high-performance car enthusiasts to enjoy, network, and bond as one team.


To bring motorsports to mainstream recognition and create a thriving community around it.

Let’s Rally.

Shift your focus towards a car community you can’t wait to connect with.

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